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We have always relied on food from nature.




Wild Food is  Honest

You are a hunter and a harvester, indirectly or otherwise. An unfortunate truth of existence is the way of the animal requires that life begets life. This can be practiced on an industrial or individual level. Managing a harvestable surplus of game and gather is challenging. The purchase of a license or tag to take wild harvests directly aids in the acquisition of habitat and research to better maintain a healthy population is safe guarded for a more natural way of living. 

Wild Food is Sustainable

How many acres of crops does it take to feed a wild animal? None. The woods and waters cultivate a high quality, organic and renewable source of food where the only human impact is your presence.

Leave only footprints, take only your limit.

Hunt responsibly, eat heartily, repeat.

Wild Food is Adventurous

Forage beyond the back of the fridge. Hunt for more than grocery bin bargains. Food processing is you, outside, in the elements. Sometimes things go right, sometimes things go wrong. It is a rich journey of events, earning food from the field. The repeated performance of these harvest rituals immerses you in the natural world and it’s many surprises.


more animals & acres protected + more meals sustainably sourced + more hours outdoors =


          wild food lifestyle 



Anytime of year, around the region, there are wild foods for you to harvest. 
Take your pick. Get prepared, and get outside. 

1. From basic introduction to culinary adventure, pick from our recipe collections and make amazing meals with your harvest ingredient. 

2.  In field notes, gain familiarity with the steps necessary to confidently and comfortably achieve your wild harvest. 

3. Open the gear guides, and find a comprehensive list of equipment needed to safely and successfully harvest wild game and gather. 


1. Did You Harvest & Eat?

You harvested a natural food source from your local environment. That's awesome. 

It's an honest, well earned meal. Proceeds from that license you bought will protect and sustain more acres of habitat for future animals. 

You deserve a reward. Maybe one day, after you submit photos of your hunt and harvest, you'll receive a totem and unlock harvest club merchandise exclusive to those are one with the squirrel. Unfortunately, that day is not today. We've still got work to do on this project.  

You're excited anyway? So are we! Let us know with #eatwildmn



You are how you eat.